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the burial floor spherical a church. kerkhof فِناء الكَنيسَه църковен двор cemitério hřbitov (u kostela) der Kirchhof kirkegård κοιμητήριοcementerio kirikuaed محوطۀ دور کلیسا که مخصوص دفن مردگان است kirkkomaa cimetière חָצַר כְּנֵסִיָה गिरजा के समीप मृतकों के गाड़ने का स्थान groblje sírkert pemakaman kirkjugarður cimitero 墓地 교회 부속묘지 kapinės kapsēta kawasan gereja kerkhofkirkegårdcmentarz قبرستان cemitério cimitir кладбище cintorín pokopališče porta kyrkogård หลุมฝังศพรอบโบสถ์ kilise mezarlık avlusu (教堂四周的)墓地 церковне подвір'я گرجے کے نزدیک قبرستان nghĩa địa (教堂四周的)墓地

Levin read through the next volume of Homiakov's functions, and Despite the exquisite, epigrammatic, argumentative model which to start with repelled him, he was impressed from the doctrine of your church he located in them.

arranged religion, faith, religion - an institution to specific belief in a very divine electrical power; "he was lifted while in the Baptist religion"; "a member of his own religion contradicted him"

The Christian see in the church was motivated because of the Old Testament principle with the qahal, the elected people today of God of the end-time, and from the expectation of the coming in the messiah in Judaism. The Greek secular phrase ekklēsia, the expression applied…

Other frequent shapes for churches consist of a circle, to depict eternity, or an octagon or comparable star form, to characterize the church's bringing gentle to the globe. One more frequent function will be the spire, a tall tower on the "west" close of the church or over the crossing.

When you are speaking about a religious assistance within a mosque or a synagogue, you always use a preposition accompanied by a determiner, but occasionally the determiner is omitted.

On the regional church amount, we can easily live in partnership with other believers—we split bread jointly (Holy Communion), we pray for one another, instruct and make disciples, strengthen and inspire one another.

one. a making for general public Christian worship. kerk كَنيسَه църква igreja kostel die Kirche kirke εκκλησίαiglesia kirik کلیسا kirkko église כְּנֵסִיָה गिरजाघर crkva templom gereja kirkja chiesa 教会 교회 bažnyčia baznīca gereja kerkkirkekościół کلیسا igreja biserică церковь kostol cerkev crkva kyrka โบสถ์ kilise 教堂 церква گرجا nhà thờ 教堂

For we website were all baptized by just one Spirit in order to form just one entire body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or absolutely free—and we had been all given the just one Spirit to drink.

This team of believers or "the human body of Christ" began in Acts 2 about the Working day of Pentecost in the function in the Holy Spirit and can continue on to generally be formed till the day on the rapture with the church.

The church, the two within the common and native sense, is important mainly because it is the principal car through which God carries out his uses in the world. The church is the body of Christ—his coronary heart, his mouth, his palms, and feet—reaching out to the earth:

A different frequent feature of numerous Christian churches could be the eastwards orientation on the front altar.[twelve] Often, the altar will not be oriented thanks east, but inside the path of dawn. This tradition originated in Byzantium while in the 4th century, and gets to be widespread in the West within the 8th to ninth century.

overall body - a gaggle of folks associated by some typical tie or occupation and considered an entity; "The complete system filed out in the auditorium"; "the coed human body"; "administrative overall body"

Su dirigente oficial es el monarca y su jefe espiritual el Arzobispo de Canterbury. Al clero se le permite contraer matrimonio y, desde 1992, las mujeres pueden ejercer el sacerdocio, cambio al que se opuso radicalmente la corriente conservadora.

contains an introduction to Denominational Churches.  You may also find out more details on the heritage and beliefs in the churches in our church Listing by examining our profiles of Christian Denominations.

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